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Every business needs a separate identity and trademark serves this purpose of differentiating between the two businesses. Over a period of time a trademark becomes distinctive to the business and immense goodwill is attached to it. Therefore the proprietors need to protect their business against the misuse of the trademarks by persons of mala fide intentions. Nishnat Associates supported by highly experienced team of Attorneys and Agents assist our valuable clients in order to protect their business from unscrupulous users of the trademarks. Our practice includes searching, filing, prosecution, opposition and infringement litigation. Apart from this, we also provide watch service for our clients about the occurrence of similar trademarks in the market or applied for registration.


To continuously retain their position in the market, the businesses need to offer something new to the consumers and hence continuous research and development is the need of every business. At the same time business needs to sufficiently protect the novelty by taking appropriate measures. One of the areas of protection is by patenting the novel inventions. This helps businesses to retain the monopoly and to earn revenues through licenses. The team of patent agents and attorneys supported by technically qualified professionals is there to help the businesses to retain the monopoly. The service extended by Nishnat Associates includes filing of patent application (convention/PCT/National Phase), prosecution, opposition and related litigation, licensing of patents, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements etc. We also provide prior art search, drafting of patent specification and other related services.


Burnt midnight oil to write a book or drama or kept standing hours for drawing a picture or waited patiently for hours to catch tiger cub in that one perfect pose. How to protect this wonderful creation of yours for which you have been patient and committed? Get the Copyright registration for your creation. We assist our clients with the filing of Copyright application, Copyright prosecution and registration; Copyright infringement services; licensing contracts, Copyright advice and assistance; and Copyright litigation including infringement litigation.


Applied creative faculties to develop a new product to appeal the eyes of your customers or to differentiate your products from others. You need to protect your creative work under Design Act. The Design services comprise Design application preparation, filings, and prosecution, design infringement litigation.

Geographical Indications

A Geographical Indication is an indication that is used to identify agricultural, natural or manufactured goods originating from a specific geographical region having a special quality or other characteristics. These qualities and characteristics must be result of climatic conditions or a special process adopted by the manufacturers. Kolhapuri chappals, Nagpur Oranges, Agra Petha are few of the famous Indian GIís whereas Scotch for whisky and Chinese for silk are other famous GIís. We provide services pertaining to GI filing, registration, prosecution, opposition and infringement litigation.

Others Areas of Intellectual Property

Nishnat Associates provide services relating to registration of Plant Varieties and Integrated Circuit and Layout Designs. Our highly experienced team of Attorneys helps our clients to protect their IPRís by making appropriate agreements. We also advise on licensing and transfer of technology including royalty remittance and tax treatment of the royalty. It is always our sincere effort to avoid litigation however if it is required, we have a strong team with highly experienced litigating lawyers and consultants to protect the interest of our clients in the courts of law.


For the companies who are willing to do business in India, we advice on the incorporation of companies, Foreign Investment, Taxation, Joint venture Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Technology Transfer, Foreign Collaboration, Licensing, Franchising, Distribution, Agency agreements. Our team of Attorneys has rich experience on advising on, foreign exchange laws, structuring of investment model, royalty payment, license fee, repatriation of profits and other such issues. Thanks for visiting our website. If you need any further information about our services, please write to us at info@nishnat.com

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